Create and use your first prefab
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Create Prefab

Start by selecting the actors in the scene that you’d like to create a prefab with

Select the actors

From the toolbar, click the Prefabricator drop down menu and choose Create Prefab to create a prefab with the currently selected actors in the scene

Create prefab menu

This will create a prefab asset in the content browser’s currently selected directory

Prefab Asset

Notice the previously selected actors have now been converted to a prefab. Prefabs have a green outline on them when selected in the editor

Prefab created

Use Prefabs

Now that you have created a prefab asset, you can reuse this all across your maps

Drop your newly created prefab on to the scene

Prefab created

Create a few more of these instances

Prefab created

Congratulation! You’ve created and used your first prefab. Explore the Next Section